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The country's in the very best of hands, pt. 4,843

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Byron York:

I called a Democratic strategist with a question: Say I’m a moderate Democrat. I voted for the House bill last November, but I’ve seen the polls, I know a majority in my district opposes the bill, and I feel certain that voting for final passage will end my time in office. Why should I vote yes?

“Look, you voted for it before,” said the strategist, who asked to remain anonymous. “You should have thought about that then. You’re stuck with the vote, it’s around your neck, you’re going to wear it like an albatross. The ad that’s going to run against you is going to be the same whether you vote for it now or not…

“And if you’re a bedwetting crybaby, you should just go home right now.”

That’s right: If you’re not willing to destroy the most amazing health care system in the history of the world, you’re a pussy.

Maybe Barry and Harry and Nancy should just go around with their hands tucked into their armpits, flapping their elbows and making bawk-bawk noises. “What are ya, chicken? Gonna vote no, chicken? Chicken! Chicken chicken chicken!” It’s not like they’ve got any dignity left anyway.

Jim Treacher