Pistol-whipping an assistant coach does not help Citadel QB’s playing time

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Quarterback Miguel Starks shared time in The Citadel’s backfield in 2009, but those struggles are in the past ever since he was arrested for robbing and kidnapping one of the team’s assistant coaches. No one is questioning his leadership now!

Starks, a redshirt freshman in 2009, and two other men were arrested two weekends ago and accused of a strong-armed home invasion of Joshua Harpe, a former Citadel player who became an assistant coach after his career ended. They enlisted, Shelia Gaskins, a woman who knows Harpe to call him and say she was having car trouble. (But not in a suspicious way at all!) When he opened his garage door to go provide help, the men were waiting outside. They struck Harpe with a handgun, forced him back into the house, tied him up, and then took his wallet, electronics and some jewelry. After Harpe freed himself, he called the cops, gave a description of the perps and they were almost immediately picked up by police. Admittedly, the plan had some flaws.

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