Tea Party group considers Rep. Altmire a ‘yes vote’ for health-care after meeting

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Democrat Rep. Jason Altmire wouldn’t commit one way or the other during a Wednesday meeting with Tea Party activists on how he will vote for President Obama’s health-care bill — and the now the group’s spokesman said he considers Altmire “a yes vote.”

Mark Skoda, spokesman for the Take the Town Halls to DC project, said Altmire, a congressman from Pennsylvania who has not publicly said how he’ll vote on the bill, met with about 40 activists this morning in a conference room in the Cannon House Office Building. He said Altimire “was genuinely engaged.”

But even though the group, he said, “were pleading” for Altmire to commit against voting for the bill, he wouldn’t do it. “I don’t count him as a no vote,” Skoda said.

The group is targeting 50 Democrats who they consider undecided on the bill. They are encouraging activists from across the country to come to Washington and meet with the Democratic members until Pelosi calls the vote on the bill.

“At this point, my sense is they don’t have the votes,” Skoda said.