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Elsewhere at the Daily Caller, 3/16/10

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“‘So what?’ says the American public.” That’s Steny Hoyer, speaking for you re: the possibility of the House of Representatives passing Obamacare without actually voting on it. Is that what you think about this topic? Well, it is now. Steny has spoken.

Why, some of the American public care so little about the Democrats’ desperate efforts to cram Obamacare down our throats, they’ve assembled on Capitol Hill today to express their utter ennui and nonchalance. Come on, feel the apathy.

And since nobody cares about this underhanded trickery, nobody is going to take John Boehner’s advice. Not to worry, Democrats. Whew!

How you feelin’, Morgan County?

Rielle Hunter has a tenuous grasp on certain things. One of those things is reality. A look back in pictures.

I believe that children are our future. They’d better be, because they’re the one who’ll be paying for this crap.

Now go read Eye Street.

Jim Treacher