NOW’s leftist take on health care

Jedediah Bila Contributor
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NOW’s commentary on the health care debate isn’t surprising to those well-versed in the organization’s far left rhetoric. Let’s take a quick peek.

NOW President Terry O’Neill reveals that NOW supports universal health care and proposes that, “At a minimum, health care reform should contain a strong public option . . . should allow states to adopt their own single-payer plans.” O’Neill is perturbed by the Senate bill because “Lawfully-residing non-citizen immigrants will have to wait five years to qualify for purchasing health insurance through new health exchanges . . . ” She also disapproves of the fact that “ . . . undocumented immigrants will not have any access to health insurance under either the Senate or House bills.” Can someone please give Ms. O’Neill a crash course on the terms non-citizen and undocumented?

I hate to break it to NOW’s queen bee, but it’s not the job of American taxpayers to play mommy and daddy to the rest of the world. And the majority of Americans aren’t about to cheer on a big government agenda that will balloon our deficit and tighten government’s grip over our liberty.

Of course, NOW’s biggest bone of contention rests with what O’Neill defines as Stupak’s “radical anti-abortion rights coalition.” Wow. That’s some pretty impressive language. I thought she reserved such talk for life-affirming Super Bowl ads. My mistake.

O’Neill makes an interesting assertion: “We will not accept a health care bill that trades off the rights and needs of some women for the benefit of others.” Really? Well, what about the right of pro-life women to not pay for something that goes against their principles, namely others’ abortions? Does that not count?

The answer is no. It doesn’t count one bit. It doesn’t make NOW’s priority list or sustain its marriage to the abortion industry. Bottom line: They’d like your tax dollars, whether you like it or not, to help fund abortions. And their hope is that you don’t have a darn thing to say about it.

NOW has, of course, had plenty of help in the health care discussion from America’s abortion central, Planned Parenthood. It’s okay, Planned Parenthood. We get it. If the abortion numbers start dropping, how will you ever make ends meet?

Pro-lifers—will you just zip it and put your morality aside, already? Geez. It’s really putting a damper on the left’s abortion crusade.

So there you have it. The National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood once again wear their leftist badges proudly on their sleeves. It’s not about health care any more than it’s about the well-being of women. This is big government, pro-abortion dogma at its best.

Jedediah Bila is a conservative columnist and commentator living in New York City. Her site is JedediahBila.com.