Tea Partiers refuse to go away

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Alex Pappas in with an update on those resilient health-care protestors:

We covered the Tea Partier’s “Last Hurrah” extensively this week with their storming of the halls of the Congress on Tuesday, but it looks like they’ll be hitting the Hill again this weekend.

Tea Party Patriots will gather for a brief rally on Capitol Hill Saturday at 10 a.m. before dividing up to walk the halls of congress. “They need to be reminded one last time who you are and why you do not want this bill to pass,” organizers said in an email to activists.

The group is also encouraging those who can make it to Fairfax, VA Friday morning to protest President Obama’s speech at the Patriot Center at George Mason University. The email tells activists that “tickets are not required for this event which seats 10,000 people and is first come first serve.”