Marco Rubio and his ‘Twelve Disciples’

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Wow. Just. Wow. The St. Pete Times Adam Smith interviewed former Marco Rubio chief of staff Richard Corcoran, and things get weird.

There were a couple jarring moments in our interview, though. Like when Corcoran tried to explain why thousands of dollars for the Melhanna plantation, where Rubio had a family reunion, were on Corcoran’s GOP credit card. Corcoran recounted that he and Rubio had planned a dinner for Rubio’s top lieutenants at Melhanna, though it was canceled at the last minute. Excerpts from our conversation.

Corcoran: On the last night (of the organizational session) we were going to take the 12 disciples out to a dinner, with their spouses…

Q: That’s what you called them?

Corcoran: “Yeah. We did. We called them the 12 disciples.”

Q: God almighty

Corcoran: It wasn’t because….That sounded bad.

Q: It does sound bad. These are the 12 disciples of Marco Rubio. So Marco Rubio then is Jesus?

Corcoran: Come on…Ralph Arza came up with that. He’s an old coach.

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