Candidates for California Governor are a buzzkill

Gautham Nagesh Contributor
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Apparently not everyone in the Golden State is gung-ho about getting high. None of the candidates for governor supports the ballot measure aimed at legalizing weed for recreational purposes and most denied ever having toked up. From the Mercury News:

Asked whether Whitman had ever smoked it, Pompei said, “I’ve never asked her, and I would have no idea.”

Jarrod Agen, spokesman for Whitman’s GOP opponent, Steve Poizner, replied in an e-mail: “Steve has said that he’s never used drugs.”

Still, Poizner had one of the more interesting takes on the initiative, which would allow licensed retailers to sell up to an ounce of marijuana, generating as much as $1.4 billion in new taxes, according to proponents. Agen said that “like electing Jerry Brown, the idea of legalizing drugs is one more bad idea from a bygone era. Steve Poizner feels we need an across-the-board tax cut to reignite our state’s economy, not an attempt to smoke our way out of the budget deficit.”

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown’s spokesman, Sterling Clifford, said that because the candidate, as attorney general, is “the state’s top law enforcer, and because he has to write the title and summary of the ballot initiative, he’s not going to discuss the merits of the initiative until that’s done.”

Has Brown used marijuana? “I haven’t the slightest idea,” said Clifford. “And I’m not sure he can be reached today. He and his wife were going hiking.”

Hiking? Smells like a cover-up. But the quote of the day has to go to Chuck DeVore, the conservative assemblyman trying to unseat Sen. Barbara Boxer. DeVore pointed out the difficulty of of determining which drivers were high while behind the wheel.

“What can the police officer do?” DeVore asked. “Pull out a plate of brownies, and see if you take one?”