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ATTN: All media watchdog groups!

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I am about to quote the Huffington Post!

This week’s People magazine features a two-page article with photos (not online) on Rachel Maddow’s home life.

Maddow, who splits her time between New York and Western Massachusetts with partner Susan Mikula, talks to the magazine about her relationship, her cooking skills, and why she and Mikula don’t have a TV…

People says that Mikula “loves indulging in girlie accessories like purses” while Maddow claims to “look like a dude.”

Shame on you, People magazine! You are not supposed to point out things Rachel Maddow says about herself. It is very very very very very bad. And shame on HuffPo for repeating the slander. From Maddow. About herself.

Go get ’em, Jamison!

Jim Treacher