Recriminations fly after aerial lockdown ends

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Europe gave the all-clear for its airspace on Thursday as recriminations flew over refunds for stranded passengers and the 1.7 billion dollar cost to the airline industry.

Hundreds of thousands of travellers were left stranded across the globe by the shutdown which began last Thursday, having to shell out for hotels, food and alternative travel arrangements.

The chief executive of Ireland’s low-cost carrier Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, initially said he would only refund the cost of tickets but the airline later agreed to pay for food and accommodation expenses incurred by travellers after an outcry and in line with EU regulations.

In a statement, O’Leary said Ryanair would continue its efforts to change “absurd” EU legislation so reimbursements were “limited to the ticket price paid in the same way they are for train, coach and ferry operators”.

Airlines, many already in difficulties during the downturn, want governments to pick up part of the bill after haemorrhaging money during the crisis.

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