Dick Morris: Obama wants to put Hispanic community ‘in a state of agitation’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Bill Clinton’s former political consultant Dick Morris on Monday night said President Obama is pushing an immigration bill that he knows won’t pass so he can stir up racial fears of Hispanics against Republicans.

“He wants to put the Hispanic community — which is leaving him — he wants to put them back in a state of agitation feeling Republicans are somehow racist and uniting behind the Obama administration,” Morris said on Fox’s Hannity. “I personally don’t think it is going to work. I think that legal citizens who are here of Latino origin are not necessarily in favor of amnesty.”

Morris said polling suggests Latinos are suffering more from unemployment and recession and since many are social conservatives, Obama knows he needs wedge issues to keep them from supporting Republicans in 2010.

“So what Obama needs to do is raise the ante and get them to feel they are under attack again by English-only anti-immigration zealots, as he would put it. That’s the game he’s trying to play.”
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