Earthquake in Taiwan on Boobquake day

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Maybe the world really is hanging on by a bra strap.

The same day that women showed off their cleavage to disprove an Islamic cleric’s claim that such displays cause seismic activity, there was, in fact, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan.

“Maybe I shouldn’t wear a low-cut shirt ever again,” said Annie Marter, 33, in Manhattan. “I feel really bad.”

Geophysicist Don Blakeman of the National Earthquake Information Center said the results of the Boobquake experiment are inconclusive at best.

“I can’t say for certain that women showing cleavage doesn’t cause earthquakes, but the activity we’ve seen [in Taiwan] is nothing out of the ordinary,” he said. “The cleric could look at the 6.5 and say, ‘Look, it did happen’ — but it’s nothing conclusive.”

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