Citizen’s group plans extensive audit of U.N. climate report

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A leading global warming skeptic recruited a group of concerned citizens to fact-check the sources referenced in the U.N.’s latest climate-change bible — and gave the report an “F.” Now she’s planning the nail in the coffin: a comprehensive audit of the entire report.

Following a series of scandals that led to doubts about the accuracy of the United Nations’ most recent climate-change report, Donna Laframboise of gathered a group of citizens online and proved that the U.N. over-relied upon so-called “gray literature,” rather than using exclusively peer-reviewed scientific reports as the organization was supposed to do.

Now Laframboise and her colleagues are taking the next step, has learned. They are building an online database that will let everyone see exactly what the report claims — and precisely how it came to those conclusions.

“There’s a pile of work that can and should be done on this report,” Laframboise told

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