Holy Crist

Michael Wendling Contributor
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Gov. Charlie Crist is now, without question, the poster boy for the greatest risk the GOP faces in 2010 and beyond. The Governor told Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday less than a month ago that he was a Republican and that he would run as a Republican. Moreover, he said he would support the GOP nominee, presumable Marco Rubio, if he were to lose that primary to Marco Rubio. It is now clear with his announcement yesterday of changing his party affiliation; that Governor Crist has revealed his character, or severe lack thereof. The questions of with whom will he caucus should he become a Senator or his position on any given issue must at this point be considered suspect at best.

We now know that Charlie Crist’s word means nothing and as a result we can conclude that this man has no honor or principals to guide him if and when he gets to Washington, so why would anyone send him, as an Independent or anything else? It is imperative that the whole of the GOP in general and specifically Michael Steele smash this desertion immediately, leaving no gray area and mincing no words. It no longer matters what Governor Christ did for the state of Florida as a Republican or how popular he was, for he has willfully and with shocking ease, abandoned his party and so why should he be able to tout the accomplishments under that party’s identification. We must acknowledge betrayal and hold to account those who commit it. It is appalling to me and should be to all of us; that someone who can’t make his team, will switch teams and play in the same game against his former team. Ronald Regan must be rolling in his grave; he of course wished that Republicans not speak ill of one another other, now some GOP members unable to win primaries are choosing to run against fellow Republicans; weak! And lest we forget this is not a game, it is the governing of our country and “wannabe” participants who will do and say anything to get into the game can’t be trusted with the ball and don’t deserve to play!

The Grand Old Party had better find its true voice and true leaders to voice it. We must find and cultivate candidates who will not weaken our message because he/she thinks that is the best way to win elections…it’s not. Watering down ones’ values and convictions is not compromise, it is appeasement. This will not be the evolving of our party; it will be the surrendering of it; to what I consider to be the clearly inferior positions of the other party. It is said that if you don’t “stand for something, you will fall for anything”; let us not fall for Charlie Crist or any Republican with “house of cards” character or piece of “twizzler” where their spine should be.

We as Americans get the government we deserve and for too long our apathy towards the political process has sent to Washington men and women undeserving of their office. I believe that public service with regard to elected office is a true calling and therefore cannot and should not be allowed to be answered by those whose character is untrue.

Michael Wendling is currently a senior sales associate with a leading resort company. He is also a business entrepreneur currently in development of a social networking site on track to launch later this year. He spent more than two decades in the restaurant industry from a bus boy to general manger, most notably the historic Occidental Restaurant adjacent to the White House where he served on the management staff, focused on service and wine.