Customs Officers describe pulling the Times Square bomber from plane [VIDEO]

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In a segment that ran today on the Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad,Diane Sawyer begins her expose with the shocking news that “patterns emerged today suggesting that his connection to radicals may be stronger than first thought.”

But the meat of the segment concerns the two police offers who pulled the would-be terrorist from his seat on a Emirate Airlines flight to the Middle East moments before take off.

Watch Customs Officer Robert McConkie and Paul Casquarelli relive the moments leading up to and follow the time a terrorist almost got away:

As Shahzad walked down the jetway en route to jail with Customs Officer Robert McConkie’s hand on his arm, Shahzad asked, “Who I was with, FBI or NYPD?” McConkie told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

The officer showed Shahzad the Customs patch on his uniform sleeve.

After walking a few more steps, Shahzad said to McConkie, “I was expecting you. I wondered what took so long.”

The customs officers describe requesting Shahzad to step off the plan over the PA system, which he did calmly and without making a scene. The most threatening words Shahzad uttered were “TREK-8,” referring to the high-powered gun he had in his car.