Fancy a round? Sudan opens its first golf course

Julia McClatchy (admin) | Contributor

London, England (CNN) — Amongst the slums, the sand and the incessant heat, it is an unexpected vision of paradise: lush, copiously watered greens peppered with pristinely kept bunkers and a freshly built clubhouse.

The nine-hole Soba Golf Course would not look out of place alongside Augusta or St. Andrews, but its location is perhaps the last place you would expect to find an outpost for a sport traditionally associated with the rich and powerful.

Welcome to Sudan’s first professional golf course.

Soba is the latest creation from Swiss architect Peter Harradine and his company Harradine Golf, an organization started by Harradine’s grandfather in 1929.

Since taking the reigns, he has been responsible for building golf courses in some of the most dangerous locations on the planet. It seems, after a war ends and a cease fire is announced, local developers reach for his number.

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