Fake census worker murders homeowner

Pat McMahon Contributor
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The Houston Police Department is warning homeowners to be careful of allowing people into their home that they do not know in light of a recent attack. A man posing as a U.S. Census worker and two others forced their way into a North Houston home, killing the owner of the house and beating others in the home.

A woman and her child were tied up by the robbers and beaten. The woman’s husband arrived home, when the ‘census worker’ ambushed him in the garage. According to police, the trio tied the man up, stabbed him, and tried to drown him. Eventually they left after taking a small amount of cash. The homeowner later died at a local hospital of his injuries. “They’ve taken something precious from us,” says family member Larry Johnson Jr. “They really have.”

Full story: http://www.khou.com/news/local/Fake-census-worker-invades-home-kills-owner-93242534.html