Rich Hofmann: Flyers rally around emergency goaltender

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BOSTON – The temptation is to say that the Flyers have now experienced just about every malady there is to experience at this point (except maybe pestilence). But then you remember that this is the Year of the Seven Goaltenders, and that you really never know when the orthopedist’s phone is going to ring again – even if it is in the second period of a Stanley Cup playoff elimination game.

The temptation, also, is to write off this Flyers team as a group defined by its inconsistency – and falling behind by three games to none in a playoff series against the Boston Bruins was just going to be the final example. But then you see the way they play when they are cornered, and you see the definition of this group becoming more and more complex.

And so, when goaltender Brian Boucher ended up on the bottom of a pile in his crease early in the second period last night – and couldn’t get up because of two knee injuries – it was both frightening and frighteningly fitting, somehow. Then, when Michael Leighton came off the bench for the first time in nearly 2 months and played shutout hockey the rest of the way – and when the team in front of him just seemed to gain energy from the predicament, as with so many others during the season – it was another

Full story: Rich Hofmann: Flyers rally around emergency goaltender | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/11/2010