Windows plans to launch a cooler Hotmail this summer

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It seems that one product after another — Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Bing and now a revamped Hotmail, due this summer — arrive with Microsoft admitting it could have done more with previous versions of its software, while promising people that things really are better this time around — honest. In fact, things are so good with Microsoft’s latest X that you’ll be willing to dump your beloved Y.

According to Comscore and Microsoft’s estimates, Hotmail ranks as the number one Web e-mail service worldwide with more than 360 million people using it. Yahoo trails with just over 200 million people and Google follows with just under 200 million people.

Of course, Hotmail suffers in the United States from a bit of a “perception problem,” as Microsoft vice president Chris Jones put it. People perceive that Hotmail is plagued by spam, has underwhelming storage, is missing a lot of features and is basically yesteryear’s e-mail service.

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