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Three reasons you should read Greg Gutfeld’s new book, The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

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  1. It has chapter titles like “Garry Trudeau Is an Untalented Sack of Poop,” “Other Cultures Suck,” and “Environmentalists Want You Dead.”
  2. Greg Gutfeld is charming and personable.
  3. I know I committed to three reasons already, but I can’t think of another one. Hey, the first two are pretty good!

Buy his book here. Read his site, The Daily Gut, here. Check out his tweets here. But mostly buy his book, because that’s the only way he can afford to pay me for this plug. I MEAN UNSOLICITED ENDORSEMENT THAT TOTALLY WASN’T HIS IDEA.

P.S. Okay, I thought of a third reason: the foreword is by Penn from Penn & Teller. Or maybe it’s Teller? Whichever one talks enough for both of them, or possibly 100 of them.

Jim Treacher