It’s been a busy week for the White House, but Jon Favreau’s still got time to practice his beer pong shot

interns Contributor
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The last time we saw Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s speechwriter extraordinaire and the White House’s designated fratstar, we caught him copping a feel of then-Senator Hillary Clinton at a party we weren’t invited to. Wait, that was a cardboard cutout, not Hillary in the flesh? Could have fooled us from the picture.

We hadn’t heard from Jon in the last year and a half, and we were worried he’d lost his groove. Maybe he sprouted some gray hairs and figured it was time to grow up. But no, clearly he still yearns for his college days. FamousDC found Jon enjoying the sun with White House spokesman Tommy Vietor at a Georgetown bar with a game of outdoor beer pong.

That’s the Jon Favreau we love. Sure, the White House is dealing with a humongous environmental disaster, the Romanoff and Sestak job offer scandals, and crisis management in the Middle East, but a weekend’s a weekend. No sense letting it go to waste, especially when the weather’s so great.

And lest you conclude that the White House’s message shop is having all the fun, check out the photos of the Veep’s Super Soaker fight with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Good to see that everyone’s hard at work.