I do, don’t I? This week’s wackiest marriage-related news

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something moo?

A teenage boy in Bali tried to have sex with a cow and had to pay the consequences. The town elders caught Ngurah Alit, 18, trying to romp naked with the cow in a field, and they decided to punish him by making him marry the animal in front of hundreds on onlookers. According to My Fox Dallas-Ft. Worth, Alit said that he had fallen in love with the animal when it “seduced him” with flattering comments.

Neurotic + Outgoing = Fertile

In more traditional marriage news, new studies suggest that gregarious men and needy, anxious women make the most fertile couples. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, extroverted men tend to make more money and have more sex, while neurotic women have “attachment anxiety” and are very motivated to sleep with their husbands. The New York Daily News is careful to clarify that being neurotic is the cause of women’s fertility, rather than a consequence of having children.

Disney World’s marriage premonition

Alex and Donna Voutsinas didn’t know each other when they were captured in the same photo at Disney World in 1980. According to Thestar.com, the couple discovered the picture, taken 15 years before they met, one week before their wedding. Alex appears in a stroller in the background of the photo, and Donna is posing in the front. The couple has three kids, and the family visits Disney World frequently. “We’ve taken pictures of the kids,” Alex said, “and they say they’re looking for their future wives in the background.”