Volkswagen plans its U.S. attack

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Can Volkswagen become a major force in the American market again? The German automaker is about to make its move. Failure in the U.S. would mean the grand VW plan to overtake Toyota and be No. 1 in the world would be likely to falter.

VW, as we know, boasts it will be No. 1 before the end of the decade. Some of its executives, encouraged by the troubles at Toyota ( TM – news – people ) and the bankruptcy of General Motors, expect victory in just a few more years. Today Volkswagen ( VLKAF.PK – news – people ) is the No. 1 seller in Europe, No. 1 in China and No. 1 in Brazil. But in the large U.S. market, the VW brand is an also-ran, with only 3% of the market, even including its Audi line. It has fewer sales than Korea’s Hyundai, fewer even than Kia.

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