RNC blasts Obama’s transparency with reality tv parody

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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The Republican National Committee released a web video today about the Obama administration’s broken 2008 campaign promises on government transparency — in it, high-profile Democrats are cast in parodies of popular reality TV shows.

The video claims to be a commercial for “Obama’s Chicago Network,” and makes references to the Obama administration’s ties to disgraced Illinois ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and its alleged job offers to Rep. Joe Sestak and Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff.

In referencing Romanoff, the 56-second video advertises the “show” Colorado Hills, a parody of MTV’s the Hills. As for Sestak, the network advertises the “show” Job or No Job (a parody of NBC’s Deal or No Deal).

“That’s today’s GOP for you – when they’re not busy repeatedly apologizing to British Petroleum because our government insisted that we hold them accountable for devastating American communities, they spend their time repeatedly bashing a great American city for the sake of politics” said DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan. “But it shouldn’t be surprising.”

Sevugan expressed his disbelief that Republicans continue to attack Chicago. “This is the same Republican party that openly rooted against an American entry in an international competition and were gleeful when our entry lost and have repeatedly tried to turn Chicago into a pejorative,” he said.

RNC chairman Michael Steele, in a statement about the video, said “this White House has proved more than willing to employ disreputable, backroom, Chicago-style politics in order to further their own political goals.”

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