Before they were stars, they were interns [SLIDESHOW]

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Kathie Lee Gifford’s son, Cody, has an incredible summer internship.  The 20-year-old film studies major at the University of Southern California is now reviewing movies for the “Today” show’s fourth hour — the 10 a.m. broadcast  co-hosted by his mom and Hoda Kotb.

Cody, who ultimately wants to direct movies, said in an interview, “It’s a great summer internship and I don’t think, given my desires and what I like, I could have asked for a better one.”

Well, duh. Wouldn’t everybody want an internship like that?  Gifford, obviously, did not have to try too hard to get his, made evident when his mother gushed, “I love nepotism!” before introducing her son on the program.  Whether or not a career will blossom out of this experience, we cannot say, though we do know that it’s an excellent beginning for the young Gifford.

Before Steven Speilberg, Oprah, and Madeline Albright were stars, after all, they were interns.  But even the children of celebrities have to start somewhere. Here are a few celebs and the internships they had that started it all — or in some cases, the internships they had that just passed the time before their big breaks.