Ron Howard wouldn’t ‘relish the idea’ of Jeff Greene in the Senate

Pat McMahon Contributor

Director Ron Howard says he wouldn’t vote for his old landlord Jeff Greene if he could in the Florida Senate race.

Howard rented a luxury home in California from Greene during the ‘90s, and eventually won a $616,000 judgment against the now-billionaire candidate when the house was flooded from a leaky roof.

“If you look at the record and the outcome, he committed fraud and that’s why it was so expensive for him,” Howard said during an interview with The Washington Post. “With what I know about Jeff Greene as a tenant, I certainly wouldn’t vote for him, and I wouldn’t relish the idea of him being in the Senate.”

Greene is running for the Democratic Senate nomination against Rep. Kendrick Meek.

The profile captures the billionaire Greene in his private jet, and on the campaign trail, with quips like, “I’m not an expert on Muslims,” but the Koran contains “all kinds of this crazy stuff. And unfortunately that’s motivating a lot of these extremists.”