Katie Couric said to be open to many options, including going to CNN

interns Contributor

Now that CNN has settled on new hosts for its 8 p.m. Eastern hour — making the “innately controversial decision,” as CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein put it, to pair former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker — attention is shifting back to the network’s next task.

With talk show host Larry King’s contract up in a year, there’s been no end to the speculation that he will be replaced. One option being considered is that King would be offered another two-year contract, but would not remain a fixture in prime time, according to a source familiar with the possibilities. CNN, which has denied reports that it is close replacing King, declined to comment.

Who would step into King’s shoes? Earlier this month, the British press were abuzz with reports that his successor would be Piers Morgan, a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as well as the U.K. version of that show. On Monday, the New York Post reported that one possible candidate, CBS anchor Katie Couric, had declined the job and is in serious talks to stay at CBS.

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