TheDC’s campaign videos of the week

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Some are just shocking, some are weird and others might actually win some votes. Of the hundreds of campaign videos released this week, here are some of our favorites here at The Daily Caller:

Alabama’s Rick Barber does it again

Republican Rick Barber, a congressional candidate in Alabama, reconvenes his meeting with historical figures. Honest Abe makes an appearance in this one.

Guns in Arizona
Republican Arizona congressional candidate Pam Gorman has got quite the shot.

Perriello’s workin’ overtime

Virginia Democrat Rep. Tom Perriello isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, though some question whether the humor of the ad is just a bit too subtle.

Oily politicians

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson is depicted as an oily animal in this ad pushing energy legislation, sponsored by liberal groups like the SEIU and Sierra Club.

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