Inside the world’s wackiest new culinary creations

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Whale vomit Jell-O

Queen Elizabeth I used to eat whale-vomit flavored Jell-O, and that’s apparently reason enough to revisit the dish. Chefs at a central England castle created a 300-dish banquet last week to reenact a 1575 feast, according to FOX.  Jell-O sculptor Sam Bompas said, “One of my particular favorites is Ambergris, otherwise known as whale vomit … When you are trying to impress someone like Queen Elizabeth I, you just want to put it over all the dishes, it’s bound to win favor.”

In memory of Princess Di …

Speaking of English royalty, chef Sam Bompas has another recipe that will have heads turning. In addition to whale vomit Jell-O, Bompas created a jam infused with Princess Diana’s hair. According to CNN, the chef bought locks of her hair on eBay in order to push the limits of strange ingredients in his food. Said Bompas: “We wanted the jams to have these weird and wonderful ingredients. If you are going to choose an odd ingredient, choose one that everyone can relate to. It can open up those conversations, and it will.” But never fear, Bompas ensures that the jams have passed normal safety and shelf-life testing procedures.

Chia Pets for dessert

If whale vomit Jell-O and Princess Diana jam aren’t completely satisfying, it might be worth your while to try a Chia Pet. According to MSNBC, using chia gel instead of 25 percent of oil in a cake cuts its calories from 335 to 317 and fat content from 10.7 grams to 8.7 grams. Apparently Chia seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties. Who knew?