TheDC’s campaign videos of the week: Sarah Palin for president? And an oldie-but-goodie from Jerry Springer

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Some are just shocking, some are weird and others might actually win some votes. Of the hundreds of campaign videos released this week, here are some of our favorites at The Daily Caller:

Ellsworth has no tolerance for bull — except for in his own TV ads

Democrat Brad Ellsworth, running for Senate in Indiana, says his experience as a sheriff leaves him little tolerance for bull in Washington. “One thing 25 years as a sheriff teaches you is zero tolerance for bull. There’s too much at stake. But out in Washington, it’s like they live and breathe this stuff.”

The problem: He’s a two-term congressman in Washington — and he doesn’t mention it in his ad.

Mike, Mike, Mike Weinstein

This one goes down as TheDC’s most outrageous video of the week. But beware: If you watch it, you might not be able to get it out of your head. Weinstein’s a Republican state representative in Florida running for re-election.

The video’s producer, Scott Leigh, who happens to be Weinstein’s son, told The Daily Caller that the video was meant to reach out to youth voters. “Republicans are getting a bad rap, that they can’t reach the young people. There is a disconnect. What I wanted to do was make it accessible and music is a great way,” Leigh explained.

Palin for President?

You almost think the pitbull with lipstick was running for president with this video about “the mama grizzlies.” You be the judge.

Welcome to the Capitol Casino, courtesy of Andrew Romanoff

We just like Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff’s video because the U.S. Capitol is edited to look like a casino.


Blast from Jerry Springer’s past

Ok yes, this video isn’t from this week, or even from this election cycle. But here’s a great video from Jerry Springer 10 years ago when he ran for the U.S. Senate in Ohio. He’s apologizing for paying for sex…with a check.

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