Facebook results in major issues for married couples, often leading to divorce

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Ken Savage’s marriage already was strained, but the first sign that something was egregiously, electronically wrong came a year and a half ago, when his wife started taking her laptop into a different room to check Facebook.

Once, Savage walked in on her. She asked, startled, “What are you doing?” and shut the laptop with a thump.

The better question was: What was she doing?

Savage, 38, a computer guy, eventually tracked his wife’s Facebook posts and chats to discover she had reconnected with a former boyfriend on the popular social-networking website and arranged a Saturday tryst in a hotel. His wife, a face painter, told him she would be working that day at a child’s party.

The outcome: His wife is now his ex, and he runs a website called

Savage, who lives in Lowell, Mass., may be single, but he’s not alone. When it comes to divorce, Facebook is increasingly mentioned as a factor – whether one half of a couple disses the other online, or an innocent virtual reunion ends with a face-to-face (or other body parts) rendezvous under the sheets.

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