Lawyer: Lindsay Lohan just doesn’t get it

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A 90-day jail sentence should be a wake-up call for Lindsay Lohan but she still isn’t fully aware of her dire situation, according to a lawyer who sat down with the actress over the weekend.

“My impression of Lindsay is that she’s a fragile lost child – a sleeping beauty with her head in the sand. I found her not fully forewarned of the consequence of her actions,” Stuart V. Goldberg, who was contacted by Lohan after her attorney resigned, tells PEOPLE.

Goldberg, a criminal defense attorney based in Chicago, says he met with Lohan, her mom Dina and younger sister Ali at the actress’ West Hollywood apartment and outlined his requirements for representing her, but “they didn’t seem to understand the urgency and gravity of the situation.”

He ultimately declined to take on the case.

“My real worry for her is not just the jail time,” adds Goldberg, “but my fear is that she’s overly susceptible to a probation system that’s set up for her to fail.”

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