The world’s weirdest sports

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Spain’s World Cup team may reign supreme, but according to FOX News, the Spanish missed an opportunity to dominate in another sport as well: swamp soccer. The 2010 Swamp Soccer World Championships took place in a natural swamp area in Finland, where players “fought extreme fatigue from waddling and crawling in mud.” Finnish cross-country skiers created the sport as a way to train during the summer.

Check out these other strange sports below:

Chess boxing

Yes, there’s really a world chess boxing organization. According to the website, in this sport designed as “the ultimate challenge for both the body and the mind,  chessboxers go through alternating four-minute long rounds of chess and three-minute boxing rounds with a one-minute break in between.” Sounds exhausting.

Cheese rolling

Speaking of exhausting, imagine chasing a round of Gloucester cheese as it rolls down a steep hill. Cheese rolling competitors aim to beat the cheese, which can reach speeds of 112 km/hr, down the hill. According to the website’s “Cheese rolling facts,” the hill’s “surface is very uneven and it is almost impossible to remain on foot for the descent.” Ouch.

Beard and mustache growing

In the biennial Beard and Mustache Championships, men compete to show off their facial hair. The competition, which dates back to the early 1970s in Italy, includes categories for goatee, Dali mustache, and full beard freestyle.