Shirley Sherrod on Andrew Breitbart: “He’d like to get us stuck back in the time of slavery”

Joe Schoffstall Contributor
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Shirley Sherrod, who recently lost her job at the USDA after an excerpt of a speech she delivered to the NAACP surfaced showing her saying she didn’t do everything she could to help a white farmer, is now accusing Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart of, you guessed it, racism.

While appearing on Anderson Cooper’s 360, Sherrod stated that Breitbart would “like to get us stuck back in the time of slavery.”

Obviously, this is built up frustration for being urged to resign. But why the anger towards Breitbart? Yes, he released the video and she happened to be in the middle of the crossfire being the speaker, but he never suggested her firing. Those orders came from the White House, as she received three phone calls during a car ride home asking her to resign immediately because – wait for it – they didn’t want the video to appear on Glenn Beck’s TV show. In fact, the day the video broke, Glenn Beck actually stood up for Sherrod saying “this woman deserves her job back,” while lambasting the White House for their quick reaction– an urgency that was nowhere to be found with the oil spill.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sherrod’s situation is what’s called a political setup.

The Obama administration acted brashly without even hearing her side of the story, or for that matter, trying to find the whole video before making a decision. If anything, this story goes to show that in order to keep the upper hand in the “racist” charges towards Republicans, the Obama administration had to throw Sherrod under the bus– regardless of the facts. But Republicans aren’t alone in this; the White House also recently said the Al-Qaeda is racist.

Then you have progressive groups such as Think Progress– whose tactics are much more controversial than Breitbart’s – who get a free pass. Think Progress was caught altering videos and putting “racist” plants into crowds at Tea Parties to prove “racism” was there– a complete fraud. But nope, no media coverage on that. That’s allowed through the double standard.

It’s no hidden fact that there are racists out there. There are some racist Democrats, Republicans, Moderates, whites, blacks, Hispanics, you name it. You will have that, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

Is that to say that there’s no racism from those who attend Tea Party rallies? I personally haven’t witnessed any at the 912 March on Washington or at the “Kill the Bill” rally– and I was there with two other people, who happened to be black. They didn’t feel one bit uncomfortable.  No one around us said anything besides asking them if they get heat for being black and Conservative.

The fact of the matter is this would have never happened if the NAACP didn’t come out hurling “racist” grenades at the Tea Party.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They couldn’t possibly think they’d have a smooth ride and this would be a one-lane highway. What the NAACP is now condemning is a brainchild of what they started themselves.

The race card is getting old fast. The term “racist” now seems to hold as much weight as saying someone has “cooties.” This all because of political battles people create to take your mind off what’s really going on leading up to the November elections– and that’s the fact that jobs are lacking and the Gulf is a disaster.

Oh, and Charlie Rangel.

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Joe Schoffstall is a reporter and writer and assists in public relations and communications at a news agency based in Alexandria, Va.