Where the lawsuit tax can’t hide any longer

Bob Dorigo Jones Senior Fellow, The Center for America
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Many people thought the day would never come.  But after years of debate and speculation, it couldn’t be avoided any longer.

I’m talking about a major U.S. city imposing an actual lawsuit tax on its citizens.

Last week I talked about a hidden “lawsuit tax” that all Americans pay.  We don’t see it on our receipts, but we pay for it through higher prices on products and services.

For years, though, this tax has been hidden.  But now, citizens of Detroit, Michigan are actually seeing a charge on their property tax bills for a special lawsuit tax.  School officials there say they’ve had to pay for so many lawsuits, they just can’t afford to pay for them out of the general fund anymore.

But this isn’t just a Detroit problem.  Cities across the country are reporting record payouts for lawsuits.  Experts believe special lawsuit taxes may spread if we don’t address the problem of lawsuit abuse in America.

Has your city ever made you pay a special lawsuit tax?  I’d like to hear from you.  Go to my website at BobDorigoJones.com.