The 48-hour safari: Bucking the tradition

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Eden looked better than everthe game plentiful, the camp spectacular, the staff welcoming.  I was thrilled to reunite with my friend, Jamy Traut, Eden’s head professional hunter.  Jamy is incredible at his job, not only in that he seems to know exactly what the quarry is going to do, but moreover he has a gift for making his hunters relaxed and confident. Spend a couple days with Jamy and invariably you come away convinced your hunting skills have improved.

Because the sun was starting to drop, he needed to hustle us out to the sight-in range and then maybe we’d have 30-40 minutes for a sundown stalk. True to form, he made that necessary zero check positive-reinforcement for believing in our rifles—both Drew and I were shooting the cool, new Kimber M84L in .30-06—and our ability to shoot them well.

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