The unconscionable disconnects

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Many years ago Edmund Burke warned, “the commonwealth itself would … be disconnected.”

Previously, we have pointed to Washington, D.C. and the “severe and total disconnect” of incumbent elected officials from the American citizens they were – and are – supposed to represent.

We wrote, hopefully, that the dis-connects could be spliced back together.

Regrettably, those disconnected politicians have moved still further away from the folk “back home.”

Now, the virulent virus of political disconnection has spread to most state capitals across the country.

Too many legislative incumbents and executive officials are detached, disconnected and increasingly determined to wield personal and party power based on deep-seated attitudes, philosophical biases, and bureaucratic behaviors.

As a result, many disconnected incumbents deservedly will be on the electoral ropes this November.

Surprisingly, even some first-time candidates show signs of similar attitudes of arrogance.

In those instances, most – but not all – are candidates hand-picked by insiders within both major parties.

In other words, despite the desire and demand from growing numbers of citizens for open ballot access, state parties continue to erect obstacles to block newcomers rising from the ranks of everyday folk.

State party conventions, party town committees, and even state statutory requirements are designed to frustrate challengers.

Put succinctly, insider political leopards won’t change spots.

That suggests that more work will need doing within each party after the November 2nd vote count.

Let’s look at a few of the all too many disconnects — unconscionable disconnects.

After Sept. 11, we all understood “what needed to be done” and overwhelmingly supported “doing whatever needed to be done” to defeat our enemies.

But the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan have lasted longer than necessary.

Unconscionably, the brave men and women in our military and their families have been done a severe and terrible disservice by each elected official who has not and will not develop, support and execute a policy that will win the battles in the Middle East and wherever else the War on Terror may require.

Americans must not close our eyes to the reality that there will be a “wherever else.”

Imagine for a moment if today’s politicians were in place back in Dec. 1941 following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Compare your flashback thoughts to the wisdom actually exhibited during World War II among our military and political leaders. Those leaders connected with Americans.

Back then, it was said that politics stopped at the water’s edge. That admirable attitude and behavior, I believe, was rooted in the minds and hearts of America’s elected officials as an understanding and commitment that they were Americans first.

Next, consider the severe problem of “illegal entry” into the United States.

Consider too, plans being pushed by today’s elected officials who prefer to call it “immigration reform.”

There are three realities about past and current reform plans cooked up by the “D.C. disconnected:”

All three harm national security by “giving cover to terrorists;” they also harm citizen taxpayers by “giving illegal workers a pass on taxes;” and they all undermine U.S. rule of law by “making illegal immigrants immune to immigration law.”

Here’s the truth:

Comprehensive immigration reform is driven purely by politics. Politics birthed it; politics sustained its life; and it’s not yet dead. After Nov. 2, the dealmakers will be back with what will be called yet another ‘grand compromise’. Recent media talk about executive fiat granting amnesty (unconstitutionally) will be used to pressure lame ducks into a forced compromise that will serve only to compromise American rule of law, the real meaning of U.S. citizenship, our values, our culture, our freedoms and more.

How and why is this happening?

Because of the “disconnects” — the “unconscionable disconnects.”

In most states, disconnected politicians refuse to curb spending.

Instead, they try to squeeze more hard-earned money from productive citizens, transferring it to those who are unproductive because they choose not to work. And, the Feds stimulate the core problems – not solutions – with subsidies and bailouts.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, “this unprincipled facility of changing the state as often, and as much, and in as many ways, as there are floating fancies and fashions, the whole chain and continuity (of the country) will be broken.”

Is that the objective?

Is that the agenda?

Americans want the United States to commit to win every battle and want the political cabal now under way to stop immediately.

Americans understand what Edmund Burke meant when he wrote, “society is indeed a contract. It is to be looked on with reverence.”

Citizens understand, too, that the “unconscionable disconnects” noted above are affronts to order, civil society and the ongoing sovereignty of the United States.

Overwhelmingly, Americans want to see demonstrated reverence to the social contract of our Constitution and the founding principles in our Declaration of Independence.  (Check out: www.CFC.us)

Richard Olivastro is president of Olivastro Communications, a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and founder of Citizens For Change. He can be reached via e-mail at RichOlivastro@gmail.com or by phone at 1-877-RichSpeaks.