TheDC’s campaign videos of the week

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Some are just shocking, some are weird and others might actually win some votes. Of all the campaign videos released this week, here are some of our favorites at The Daily Caller:

Quayle says Obama is the worst president in history

Ben Quayle is former Vice President Dan Quayle’s son. He’s running for Congress in Arizona and says President Obama is the “worst president in history.”

Liberal group forms “F*CK Tea” project

The group’s founder, Erica Payne, said the effort to go after Tea Partiers is intentionally edgy. “When you look at their world view, somebody has to say f—k that. That’s not the right direction to go at,” she said in an interview. But one Tea Party activist had some advice for the start-up site. “Being a capitalist, I hope that they create or save a lot of jobs with their new t-shirts,” Brendan Steinhauser of FreedomWorks said. “Since President Obama has failed to create any private sector jobs, maybe this group can help him out a bit before the midterm elections.”

Wyclef for President of Haiti
Ok. So this campaign isn’t in the United States. But it’s rapper Wyclef Jean. Check out his first campaign video for President of Haiti.

Democrat accused of assaulting Israel

This one is harsh. The Emergency Committee for Israel tells viewers about the Democratic congressman from Connecticut: “Call Jim Hines. Ask him why he joined an assault on Israel.”

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