Craiglist killer surrounded himself with girlfriend’s photos, wrote her name in blood

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“Craigslist Killer” Phillip Markoff created a ghoulish shrine to his former fiancee before he died, spreading out photos of her on the small table in his cell and scrawling her name in his own blood over his cell door where guards would not easily see it, ABC News has learned.

Markoff, 24, killed himself on Sunday, the anniversary of what would have been his wedding day. When he was arrested in April 2009 he was engaged to marry fellow medical student Megan McAllister.

The murder suspect took elaborate steps to make sure he died, but he also made final homage to McAllister. Photos of McAllister covered the small table in Markoff’s cell. As previously reported, Markoff had written “Megan” and “pocket” in his blood on the wall. ABC News has learned that it was written above his doorway where he could see it, but correction officers could not easily see it.

Suffolk County District Daniel Conley confirmed the words above Markoff’s cell door at a news conference today, but could not explain Markoff’s use of the word “pocket.”

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