Roger Stone’s prediction about Obama comes true as Mosque-gate sizzles

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I interviewed Roger Stone, master of the political arts, in October, 2008, as things were looking pretty sorry for my Republicans.

I figured there was no better source than Stone. Two years ago, I wrote: “Throughout history there have been operatives who didn’t so much learn politics as spring from the womb with politics coursing through their veins. That would be Stone.”

Stone first pegged Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) all over the place campaign, and noted lack of focus in messaging.

But what really strikes me involves Stone’s take on Obama and the Middle East.

Our president jumped headlong into the mosque fracas—I know it’s technically a cultural center, but face it, everyone including Muslims will call it a mosque when it’s built—even though he didn’t have to. Apologist deputy press sec. Bill Burton said Obama did this because of the constitution. That should tumble any sane person from her chair. This administration and congress have trampled the constitution with enthusiasm, on every issue from healthcare to bills like the Stimulus to undocumented aliens.

Obama may have delivered his mosque-gate pitch because he’s following the President Bill Clinton path of schmoozing and mollifying. We all know how that disastrous foreign policy worked out. Or maybe Obama was fondly reminiscing about the evening call to prayers he heard from mosques as a child and wrote about as an adult.

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