Bennet says America has ‘nothing to show’ for stimulus debt

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Michael Bennet, D-Colo,at a town hall meeting in Greeley last Saturday, Aug 21 said we had nothing to show for the debt incurred by the stimulus package and other expenditures calling the recession the worst since the Great Depression.

During his introductory remarks, Bennet criticized partisanship and praised local politics where people “don’t scream at each other all the time, they just try to get things done.” He then opened it up for questions for an hour. During the meeting, Bennet also downplayed his position as the incumbent saying, “I’m not a career politician; I’ve never run for office before.”

Regarding spending during his time in office he said, “We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet” and, “in my view we have nothing to show for it.” Speaking of the debt, he said our debt almost equals the economy. Regarding the current job situation, Bennet said the situation has been dire for over a decade saying, “We have created no net new jobs in the United States since 1998” which were the last two years of the Clinton administration. Pointing to a slide showing budget expenditures, he said that currently 65 percent of the budget was for social security, Medicaid and Medicare expenditures and that we could not grow our way out of debt.

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