Meet Bill Burton: Obama’s future press secretary

Benny Johnson Contributor
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Small play has been made of the likeable new Obama press apparatchik, Bill Burton. Less like a barbed fortress (Gibbs) and more like a clumsy teddy bear, Burton is poised to take the press reins if Gibbs abandons ship, so it is worthwhile to get to know him.

Burton’s tendency to commit obtuse media faux pas bodes well for all artful critics of the administration.

”[The Ground Zero Mosque] decision has been made and it’s going forward,” Burton said on August 10th. We’re just not going to be in a position where a local government is going to make a decision and then we go in and re-adjudicate.”

Deputy Burton and President Obama surely live in a socio-vacuum, oblivious of their administration’s current lawsuit to re-adjudicate legal actions by a local government in Arizona.

This stance smacks of the factual neutering of a Michael Moore film, wherein massive double standards are perfectly acceptable in the advance of a crypto-socialist agenda.  Are they truly oblivious to the smouldering cauldron of insurgent anger, boiling over due to their flippant Arizona assault and waffling Ground Zero Mosque stance?  Arizona immigration reform is an issue that 64% of Americans support.  Let’s compare that to the 20% that support the building of the victory mosque.  This begs the question: Has this administration ever been on the popular side of an issue?

The administration, which regularly makes a laughingstock of itself by repeatedly blasting its own foot with both barrels, is doing so now with such poignant accuracy one may actually pity Burton’s seemingly futile job description.  With Obama’s own media guard turning on him, Burton must foresee a storm to weather.  Fear not though, Mr. Burton, you only have two years left in this position, just ask David Letterman.

Benny is a 23-year-old political activist from California, via Iowa. Former Chairman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans and YAF activist, he has worked for the RNC, CRNC, Heritage Foundation, and Family Research Council and currently works for an arms manufacturer and defense contractor in Switzerland. Benny loves his pipe tobacco, God, and Family, but not necessarily in that order.