TheDC’s campaign videos of the week

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

Some are just shocking, some are weird and others might actually win them some votes. Of all the campaign videos released this week, here are some of our favorites at The Daily Caller:

Pioneers and Lumberjacks

Sean Duffy, a Republican running for Congress in Wisconsin, features his lumberjack background in this ad. (He doesn’t, however, mention his reality TV background.)

Sowers aiming his gun at DC

Tommy Sowers, a Democrat and Iraq war veteran challenging Republican Jo Ann Emerson in a conservative Missouri district, aims his gun at Washington in this video. He’s running on an anti-incumbency platform — and wisely doesn’t mention his party affiliation in the ad.

Sharron Angle: Harry, you’re extreme

Tea Party backed Sharron Angle — fighting the notion that her views are outside the mainstream — turns the tables back on Democratic Sen. Harry Reid in this one, making the argument that it he who is the extremist.

Getting rid of everyone in Washington — everyone except Mike McIntyre

In this ad, a small businesswoman says she is “fed up” with Washington and dreams of getting rid of everyone in Congress — that is, everyone except her congressman, North Carolina Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre.

Wacky video of the week

We usually have at least one wacky video every week, and this one wins by a mile: Delaware Republican and U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Mike Castle is accused of cheating on his wife…with a man. “Isn’t Mike Castle cheating on his wife with a man?” one woman asks. “That’s the rumor,” another woman responds. No evidence is offered in the video.
The video appeared on the new website Liberty.com, some of whose staff formerly worked with the campaign of Christine O’Donnell, a primary challenger to Castle.