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Two-thirds of New Yorkers are racist, xenophobic bigots

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Hey, that’s not me saying it. Talk to The Paper of Record:

Two-thirds of New York City residents want a planned Muslim community center and mosque to be relocated to a less controversial site farther away from ground zero in Lower Manhattan, including many who describe themselves as supporters of the project, according to a New York Times poll.

The poll indicates that support for the 13-story complex, which organizers said would promote moderate Islam and interfaith dialogue, is tepid in its hometown…

67 percent said that while Muslims had a right to construct the center near ground zero, they should find a different site.

Which, as we all know, is un-American and mean and bad. It states quite clearly in the U.S. Constitution that you can say whatever you want unless you disagree with people who matter more than you do. The people who matter think that it’s a great idea and that you should shut up. So why are you still talking? Why do you hate America?

Speaking of people who matter, nobody matters more than President Barack Obama. And if you thought 9/11 caused you problems, get a load of this:

Every year it’s a challenge for the White House: how to commemorate the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. This year is especially awkward, given the controversy around President Barack Obama’s remarks in support of an Islamic cultural center and mosque planned for a neighborhood near ground zero in lower Manhattan.

The White House has not yet announced the president’s plans for next week, though a source familiar with the matter was doubtful Obama would travel to New York.

Why would he want to? If the New York Times is to be believed — and it is, you redneck — two out of every three people in that place are subhuman hatemongers. Plus, they’d probably just ask if he’s a Muslim, which is a horrible accusation even though there’d be nothing wrong with it if he was.

By the way, whatever happened to that wave of anti-Muslim hate crimes? It was just getting started, and then everybody stopped talking about it. Why the coverup?

P.P.S. “Fox 5 News reported Thursday that one of the financial backers of the Islamic mosque and cultural center project in Lower Manhattan once contributed to a terror group, although the investor says the contribution was made because he thought he was giving money to a harmless charity.”

Jim Treacher