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Today Luther Campbell, AKA Luke from 2 Live Crew, took to the pages of the Miami New Times to opine on the Ground Zero Mosque. You know you’ve gone through the looking glass when the guy who wrote “Pop That Coochie,” “Throw That Dick,” “Face Down, Ass Up,” and “In Case You’re Not Getting My Point, I Really Like Sex” is making more sense than the President of the United States:

I don’t believe there should be a mosque next to the Ground Zero memorial site in New York City. While the United States is a free, beautiful country that opens its arms to all people, the fact is that some Muslim thugs hijacked two planes, blew up the Twin Towers, and killed 3,000 innocent people. I don’t care how anyone tries to spin it; the people behind the mosque are using our kindness as a weakness…

What they really want to do is celebrate the martyrdom of terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center. Screw that. Anybody who is involved with putting that mosque next to Ground Zero should be investigated — from the architects to the imam…

President Obama was dead-ass wrong when he said he was OK with the $100 million development…

There are plenty of places to put a mosque, so why does one have to go up next to a very sacred place for Americans?

Oh, you want to question Campbell’s free speech bona fides? He spent several years and millions of dollars in court defending himself against obscenity charges. He was backed up on the stand by none other than Henry Gates of “Beer Summit” fame. Perhaps most importantly, he has contributed to our understanding of the First Amendment through the power of song:

I’m down with Luke.

(Hat tip: James Taranto)

Jim Treacher