On fashion’s night out, normal hits the streets

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Fashion’s Night Out, now in its second year, may be responsible for several things: marking the unofficial start of fall fashion, bringing New York Fashion Week to the masses and demonstrating once again the power of Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue and the person most responsible for getting hundreds of retailers throughout the city to turn their stores into party spaces for a night.

But it did one more thing on Friday night: It returned the meatpacking district to actual New Yorkers.

Gone were the women from points unknown, in high heels and too-short skirts, recreating their favorite scenes from “Sex and the City.” Missing were their male counterparts, in pressed jeans and untucked shirts, looking as if they were on a casting call for “Entourage.” In their place were fashionably dressed women and men (and some of indeterminate gender) who looked as if they lived, worked and shopped in the city.

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