Report: Palin’s staff discussed — but then decided against — hiring an official spokesman

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

While meeting in New Orleans in April, a handful of aides to Sarah Palin made a decision about how the former vice presidential candidate would communicate with the public: instead of having a spokesman, they decided, she’ll use Twitter and Facebook to express her views.

That’s according to a story at The Daily Beast reporting that Palin’s endorsements of candidates in the 2010 election is “all part of a media strategy mapped out last April.” Her backing of candidates has usually been made on the social network sites.

“Staffers decided not to hire a communications director, but rather to continue to rely on Palin’s tweets and Facebook posts as the primary way of dialoguing with the public and the press (aside from her contract with Fox News),” the article says. “Some in attendance were upset by this course of action, preferring instead to hire an official press spokesperson — a role that remains as yet unfilled.”

The article also claims that of Palin staffers, “No one is allowed to speak to the press without Palin’s express approval.”

A Palin aide did not immediately return a request to comment.