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Bill Maher condemns overheated rhetoric, drops N-bomb

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WARNING: This post is offensive, because it quotes Bill Maher.

The DC Cab star and Playboy Mansion Grotto-clotter was on Larry King Live last night, and here’s his latest pearl necklace of wisdom:

“They’re racists because they don’t use the racial epithet I just used, and that’s because they don’t want people to think they’re racist, as opposed to the way I’m not racist.” It has a certain logic, in the sense of lacking any whatsoever.

Maher also wasn’t racist last May, when he said this about Obama:

Because, you see, that’s what “real black people” do. And it’s not racist to say so, because it’s just not.

P.S. Bill Maher: The Voice of Black America.

Jim Treacher