Gonzo: Reid’s mind-blowing quarterback sneak

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The Eagles are a like a mash-up of bad cable-network slogans. They know drama, and they’re very funny.

You can decide for yourself, but the evidence points toward the joke end of that spectrum.

Compared with the Birds, the Jets – with their mouthy proclamations and HBO series and early-morning DWIs – are football’s version of Ambien. Their production features sad, cliched story lines that have played out on grass- and turf-covered stages for ages. This thing the Eagles have put together is something altogether different and original. Andy Reid has created a grand comedy of errors with no equal.

Let’s review Reid’s latest killer material. A few days ago, Reid said Kevin Kolb would be the starting quarterback. Then, on Tuesday – as the sun set, along with what’s left of the Birds sanity and logic and trustworthiness – Reid and the Eagles reversed themselves and announced that all that stuff they said earlier was essentially a lie because Michael Vick is the starter now. George Carlin never busted as many guts as Reid did with that punch line.

This thing is beyond bizarre in so many ways. Not long ago, the Eagles traded the face of the franchise for more than a decade to a division rival. Donovan McNabb’s time here was up, we were told, because after serving as apprentice for three years, Kevin Kolb’s time had begun. During the off-season and training camp, the Birds chirped about how confident and comfortable they were with Kolb. He was hailed as accurate and as a leader, a man who possessed all the qualities they were looking for at quarterback – for today and tomorrow.

Full story: Gonzo: Reid’s mind-blowing quarterback sneak | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/22/2010