Can ‘SNL’ be sexy again?

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‘Saturday Night Live” has been hanging out with “Mad Men,” and it’s starting to show. The long-running comedy program has spawned a couple of head-turning romances this summer, causing some to wonder if “SNL” is heading back to its edgier, sexier ’70s roots.

First, cast member Jason Sudeikis is — to the envy of most American men — dating January Jones, a k a Betty Draper in “Mad Men,” who hosted the show last November.

Then there’s resident “SNL” goofball Fred Armisen, 43. He met the 15-years-younger Elisabeth Moss — Peggy Olson from “Mad Men” — when she appeared on an episode in late 2008. The couple married in October 2009 but separated in June and filed for divorce just last week. At the same time, it was revealed that Armisen is now dating “SNL” co-star Abby Elliott, 23, and the gossip pages have gone into overdrive. “Fred Armisen and Abby Elliott: New Couple?!” blared blog Just Jared. “Plenty ‘Mad’ Elisabeth Moss Divorcing Fred Armisen,” screamed an E!Online headline.

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